What is the Difference Between Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil?

Is Hemp Oil The Same As Cbd

What is the Difference Between Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil?

What is the difference between CBD and hemp oil? Is hemp oil the same as cannabis? The short answer to both questions is yes, but the more difficult to answer is the history behind the two. To help you learn the difference between cannabis oil vs. hemp oil, we must first break down the molecular structure of the cannabis plant and common slang terms commonly used in the cannabis industry.

The psychoactive compound found within marijuana is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and this compound is what makes marijuana a popular drug for recreational use among many people. But one of the best things about marijuana is that it is completely legal in the United States.

Different strains of marijuana have varying levels of potency and some of these plants can cause quite adverse side effects. One of these side effects is the fact that marijuana is extremely addictive and many individuals start smoking marijuana every day just to feel good.

This is why marijuana has become such a popular drug to have in our society. Although the most common side effect of marijuana addiction is an addiction to marijuana itself, many times individuals do not even realize that they are addicted until they become addicted to something else. If marijuana is legalized and is made available on the open market without any restrictions, more people will try it and experience the various effects.

Hemp oil has been around for quite some time as it is a relatively new industry and has seen a rapid growth in recent years. Because of the growing popularity of hemp oil it has become very important for a person to know the difference between cannabis oil vs. hemp oil before buying their product. If you do a quick online search you may find the answer to your question, but in case you haven’t already done so you should definitely do some research before purchasing your own hemp oil.

Some of the best hemp oils are available on the internet for medical marijuana users only. It is always best to educate yourself and be able to distinguish between the good and the bad before using your hard earned money. You never know when you may find yourself in a situation where you are forced to turn to a dealer for medical marijuana after a bad run in the store.