What Is CBD Oil Used For And How Does It Work?

What is CBD oil you ask? Simply put, it’s a natural plant compound that has been proven to have many health benefits, and is the main ingredient in many herbal remedies. In fact, many of these products are on the market today, long before modern pharmaceuticals came on the scene.

As mentioned earlier, many herbalists, naturopathic physicians and alternative medicine practitioners believe that CBD can offer many health benefits to patients with chronic illnesses and even cancer. It’s also been shown in many studies to ease symptoms in those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease, arthritis, psoriasis, depression, anxiety disorders and even some forms of cancer. But how does it work? Why is it so effective? And where can you buy CBD?

Before we answer that last question, let’s first look at CBD. That’s short for cannabidiol, a compound that has the same molecular structure as THC, the compound found in marijuana. However, unlike marijuana, CBD is not smoked or ingested, instead it is administered via the skin. It’s derived from the leaves of the Canadian cannabis plant, which is processed into oil and used for many medicinal purposes.

As noted, many believe that CBD works best when used topically. There are two primary uses for which it is commonly prescribed, for intractable pain relief and to treat illnesses such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. However, recent research has shown that it can also be used to treat many symptoms of autism, including lack of appetite, mood swings, mild seizures and coordination problems. This makes it a versatile ingredient in many products, both over-the-counter and prescription. It’s most often found in topical ointments and creams, although it can also be found in some types of shampoo and toothpaste.

Two key ingredients that make up CBD oils are THC and CBD. They work together by blocking the psychoactive effects of THC. The result is the same, minus the smoking associated with using marijuana. However, there is research to indicate that CBD may be beneficial in its own right without the potential side effects of THC. There are currently clinical trials underway, but no conclusions have been made.

What is CBD oil used for and how does it work? As with any new development, there are many questions surrounding the safety of this treatment. Much of the research is focused on children, who have a difficult time grasping the difference between edible and pharmaceutical grade marijuana. In addition, because it is derived from a different chemical family than THC, CBD does not have the same psychological side effects. So far, most reports indicate that the benefits of this oil in treating a number of conditions are not supported by solid scientific research. That doesn’t mean it won’t be an interesting topic for future research.