What Are The Green Roads CBD Oils?

Green Roads provides premium CBD oil in all three easy to use strengths to assist you discover the ideal one for your individual body’s specific needs. Green Roads CBD is not just for medicinal purposes, but can also be used as a natural energizer and to relax. The Green Roads CBD oils are all individually selected and blended to create a great tasting variety that’s right for you. The following oils are offered:

Mild. Considered the mildest form, Green Roads CBD oil made by Green Roads Consulting LLC contains 10 mg of CBD per 30ml bottles. This product is considered a dietary supplement by most health food stores and is suitable for people who are looking to buy cbd oil made by a reputable, licensed compounding pharmacist.

Original Extract. Green Roads Original Extract is Green Roads’ highest quality CBD oil available. It was created through a combination of technology and science. A proprietary extraction process was conducted to preserve all the active ingredients in Green Roads Original Extract, including all of its major phytochemicals. Green Roads Original Extract is superior to other CBD products on the market because it is a true isolate; there are no other pesticides or chemicals used in the production.

Medium. Green Roads Original Extract is available in medium strength, which is one step up from our original lowest potency, and it has a smooth texture. Green Roads Original Extract also contains a proprietary blend of enzymes and other plant based nutrients that provide a healthy mind and body, a powerful immune system, and an overall wellness experience.

High Quality. As mentioned before, Green Roads CBD Oil is a true isolate. However, this does not mean that it lacks any of the important phytochemicals and plant based nutrients that make for a good overall wellness experience. Many other companies try to fool consumers into thinking that their products are pure when, in fact, many of these products use petrochemicals and industrial solvents. Not only does this leave you with an ineffective product, but it can also have harmful side effects.

I recommend that when you buy oil you should always read the label. Make sure that it is certified as organic, and that the source is a reputable company. When you want a quality product, always trust the company that makes it. And remember that if you want your pet to be as healthy as possible, always take the time to look at the labels of oils before you buy.