Using Cannabidiol for Pain Caused by Arthritis

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-cannabinoid, non-toxic, lipophlic, flavonoid chemical that resembles the active ingredient of marijuana. It has the same psychoactive component that marijuana contains. Cannabidiol has been used for more than one hundred years to treat various illnesses. Most of the time, the treatment is in the form of tea or oil extract. This article will discuss the benefits of CBD for arthritis.

Cbd Oil For Arthritis

The primary benefit of CBD for arthritis is its anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the symptoms of joint and muscle pain as well as reducing spasticity in patients with severe myeloid leukemia. In clinical trials, CBD has exhibited a significant reduction in joint swelling and stiffness. Additionally, CBD has been shown to alleviate the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and chemotherapy patients.

Unlike other anti-inflammatories, CBD does not cause any side effects, even in small amounts taken over a long period of time. To get maximum therapeutic effect, it should be taken as directed. Most natural, CBD oils contain a reduced amount of THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana. Some of these oils contain less than 0.5% THC. As a result, the risk of addiction is very low.

Many people are afraid of the possible side effects of using CBD oil for arthritis. While many side effects have been observed in patients using pharmaceutical drugs, most studies have not found significant side effects. The most common side effect observed is that patients experience nausea when taking the drug. However, this problem is easily resolved by drinking clear liquids before going to bed and avoiding food and beverages that may cause drowsiness.

Apart from providing relief from pain and inflammation, CBD oils are used to reduce swelling and improve joint mobility. Several clinical trials have revealed that patients suffering from arthritis symptoms such as pain and spasms also benefit from the relaxing properties of hemp plants. This is why many doctors recommend the use of cbd oil for arthritis symptoms. Another important benefit of using these oils is that they do not increase the body’s level of THC, the primary psychoactive substance in marijuana.

Patients suffering from arthritis can reduce the discomfort and side effects of medication by choosing a carefully selected CBD dosage. The right dosage can help to prevent the occurrence of any undesirable effects. A registered dietitian is usually assigned to ensure patients receive the right CBD dosage. For best results, it is recommended that patients start by taking one half of a gram of CBD daily for three weeks. Patients can then increase the CBD dosage up to two grams a day.