Topical Analgesics: Can They Be Used As Pain Management?

Many individuals suffer from chronic back pain, including lower and upper back pain. It may feel like an insurmountable uphill battle; after all, despite attempting almost everything on the prescription medication prescription, nothing seems to make the pain go away. Fortunately, CBD offers hope as a natural alternative therapy for back pain; however, it is important to understand how it works and be aware of possible side effects when taking this supplement. Also, it is important to keep in mind that even though these symptoms are similar to those found in prescription pain medications, CBD is different from those drugs. The difference is CBD is derived from a different variety of the marijuana plant.

Cbd Oil For Back Pain

Back pain and stress are caused by the same thing, inflammation. When the body is under stressful or emotional situations, the brain signals the sympathetic nervous system to increase its production of “feel-good” chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. These hormones make the person feel good but in this case, the “feel-good” chemicals tend to make the person feel even better. In turn, this increased feeling translates into increased inflammation. One of the natural “cures” for this type of chronic inflammation is to take supplements that contain anti-inflammatory compounds such as CBD oil.

Studies have shown that when CBD is taken by a person who has nerve pain or sciatica, the effect on reducing inflammation was very significant. In fact, the reduction in inflammation was more significant than the reduction in pain felt by those taking anti-inflammatory medications. In addition to reducing inflammation, CBD has also been shown to improve mood and decrease anxiety, two of the most common side effects associated with pain medication. In addition to its effect on reducing pain and mood, CBD is also effective in alleviating many common migraine headaches and other types of headaches.

Besides their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, CBD oil for chronic pain may also help people who are dependent on opioids. Currently, many individuals who are addicted to prescription pain medications are turning to alternatives such as CBD to help them manage chronic pain without becoming addicted to the drug. Some of the side effects of opioids include depression and anxiety, which are one of the most common symptoms experienced by patients taking certain opioids. When CBD is used in conjunction with opioids, however, it can provide patients with the additional benefit of being able to manage their pain without becoming addicted to the drug.

There are a number of pros and cons associated with using CBD oil for back pain management. The most obvious pro is the lack of side effects. In comparison to most pharmaceuticals, CBD is a safe substance that doesn’t produce any serious side effects. Also, there is no evidence that CBD is potentially addictive in the way that addictive pain relievers are. In fact, most doctors recommend that patients avoid using prescription pain relievers altogether. Instead, patients can try alternative treatments such as using supplements and CBD oil for back pain management.

Apart from the relief provided by CBD, these topicals have some impressive health benefits. Some of the topicals listed above can be used as massage therapy in the form of oils or creams. Topicals that contain CBD can fight inflammation while increasing the speed at which cells repair themselves. This means that patients can experience increased energy levels as a result of using topicals that also increase blood flow to the muscles. This provides an overall feeling of well being.