The Truth Behind Using Broad Spectrum CBD Oil to Treat ADHD

Broad Spectrum Cbd Oil

The Truth Behind Using Broad Spectrum CBD Oil to Treat ADHD

Recent studies have shown that Broad Spectrum CBD is an effective and safe way to treat the symptoms of Autism. The exact cause of Autism is still not known but it is suspected that the disorder is related to neurological dysfunctions. The most common symptoms are not speech or language delays, but instead a lack of interest in or resistance to sensory stimuli.

While there are many different pharmaceuticals, natural supplements and alternative treatments available to children with Autism, very few provide meaningful relief from the condition. Most people with the disorder are also severely limited socially and often find it difficult to form relationships. An effective treatment for autism would be one that focuses on the underlying cause and prevents relapses from occurring. By working with the patient’s own immune system to suppress the harmful chemicals and toxins that contribute to the symptoms, the disease can be better controlled and symptoms can be managed over time. The most effective ingredient that helps this happen is known as CBD or cannabidiol. This compound is found in many common foods and plants, but in very small amounts, which makes its consumption very safe and convenient.

A team of researchers led by Dr. Douglas K. Smith of the University of Texas, reviewed published studies and found that high concentrations of this plant extract are extremely powerful when it comes to curbing symptoms in children with Autism. Dr. Smith and his team found that a combination of ingredients including Broad Spectrum CBD oil was the most effective treatment they could find when treating children with Atypical Behavior. In the study, children with Atypical Behavior Syndrome were given a daily dose of three hundred and twenty milligrams of the extract. The extract worked quickly and effectively reducing eye movements, restlessness, irritability and frequency of eye contact. Also, it significantly reduced aggressive and negative behavior, decreased diarrhea and fluid retention, and helped increase appetite.

In another study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, UK researchers concluded that there was a strong entourage effect caused by the presence of the cannabis compounds THC and CBD. When these two key plant chemicals were combined, they created an extremely potent substance that could completely abolish the emotional highs associated with ADHD. The research concluded that patients taking two milligrams of the extract nightly for thirty days achieved a significant improvement in their symptoms, with many differences between the placebo and real study groups. The results showed that the treatment caused a significant reduction in hyperactivity, decreased abnormal social behavior, and improved cognitive abilities.

In a clinical trial sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline, a total of 8 children with Atypical Behavior Syndrome were diagnosed with the disorder. All participants were given doses of cannabis compounds. After a short period, it was discovered that a significant increase in the amount of time the children spent playing on the computer during their downtime was noticeable. This was further supported when researchers noticed that there were a significant improvement inattention and response times when the patients were exposed to the cannabis compounds. A full spectrum and oil supplement were administered to all subjects and found that there was a marked improvement in mood and mental control, as well as the reduction of impulsive and hyperactive behavior.

These studies are clear evidence that using a pure Broad Spectrum CBD Oil supplement will produce significant results, but what should be made clear is that these results only apply to individual cases. For example, when considering whether or not using this type of extract will affect your child, you must consider what each child is already dealing with. Each person’s body chemistry is different, and only a professional medical doctor can determine if there are any limitations to using the full spectrum oil to treat your child.