Possible Side Effects Of CBD Oil

There have been many reported side effects of CBD. Of course, compared to popular over-the Counter or prescription medications, the side effects of CBD tend to be extremely mild, especially when compared to the severe side effects of many conventional medications. However, there are still some reported side effects that you should know about as you add CBD to your health routine. It is best to know about these things if you are considering adding this substance to your life. These symptoms may be slight to some, but they could be a sign that you should take caution.

Side Effects Of Cbd Oil

One of the most common and least serious side effects of CBD is Parkinson’s disease. It is a neurological disorder characterized by tremors, rigidity, decreased muscle tone, an overall reduction in movement, coordination, and balance, and at times even partial paralysis. This disorder is quite serious and requires immediate medical attention. Symptoms may include tremors (rapid and involuntary movement of the body), rigidity (reduced amount of flexion and extension in joints), loss of muscle tone, and a reduction in joint fluid. Though it has not been scientifically proven yet, CBD has been found to reduce the activity of dopamine in the brain which is the main enzyme responsible for Parkinson’s disease.

Severe cases of Parkinson’s may also cause restless sleep, restless legs syndrome (RLS), blurry vision, dry mouth, dry tingling sensation, decreased bowel or bladder control, and severe muscle weakness. If you are taking CBD oil and are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately. These effects are not caused by CBD per se, but rather by the underlying medical condition causing Parkinson’s in the first place.

When taking CBD, it is advised that you avoid high doses of vitamin and mineral supplements, aspirin, some over the counter drugs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), Tylenol, and estrogen bearing topical cream or gel. These things can cause severe side effects on your body. For Parkinson’s sufferers, especially those who take L-Carnitine, taking high doses of Vitamin D may lead to calcium deficiency which can result to severe muscle weakness. In addition, people with liver or kidney diseases and diabetes should consult their physician before taking L-Carnitine. This mineral was originally discovered to have antioxidant properties but has since been found to inhibit insulin secretion.

Another side effect that is not really a side effect but rather a function of this particular therapeutic supplement is drowsiness. If you take this supplement while you are awake, you will feel refreshed and energized for the whole day. However, when taking this supplement after you have had a lot of sleep, you will notice that you feel sleepy most of the time even if you did not have enough rest the night before. People with hypertension and hyperthyroidism are also advised to exercise caution when using L-Carnitine in conjunction with this supplement.

Aside from drowsiness and muscle weakness, another potential side effects of CBD is liver damage due to the increased levels of lipid peroxide that this supplement produces. High levels of cholesterol and triglyceride can result to problems for patients with liver. This could either lead to jaundice or liver failure. Lastly, although this does not technically a side effect of this drug interaction, one of its possible contraindications is cardiovascular disease. When you combine L-Carnitine with another fat burning agent such as Ginkgo, it could cause a condition where the heart pumps less blood, causing heart failure.