Is Cbd Oil Safe?

Is Cbd oil safe? This is one of the most commonly asked questions about this new and emerging health product. Can it help people with anxiety and other addictions? Is it really all-natural? Let’s take a closer look at this amazing oil.

Is Cbd Oil Safe

First of all, what is CBD oil? It is short for cannabidiol, which is the main component of this oil. CBD is derived from the same plant as cannabis, which is the name used for medicinal purposes. Cbd oil sounds like it would be pretty all-natural, right?

Well, in reality, not all-natural! The plant has some very similar properties to cannabis but is extracted a different way and is considered not all-natural. Some people argue that taking any oil containing THC is not really all-natural because it contains an equal amount of THC as cannabis and if that was not the case then would we be saying that taking caffeinated coffee is not all-natural and safe?

The way this oil is made is through a process that removes the cannabidiol from the cannabis plant, along with other key chemicals called CBN and THC. Then the oil is treated with various gases that cause it to vaporize. It then exits the vessel through the steam vaporizer and then gets transferred into a tablet form. This tablet is then taken by mouth and only the cannabidiol is absorbed because the rest is water.

So, is CBD oil safe? Not really, although to me it sounds as though the manufacturers took a bit of a shortcut by including more THC than is needed for safety reasons. But the thing is, even if the manufacturer had included just the right amount of THC they would still have been missing out on one of the most important components of the medicine, the Cannabidiol. In fact, the ingredient is so important that it makes up over 60% of the Cannabidiol. To leave us without it could be very dangerous indeed.

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