Is CBD Good For Pets?

The best CBD oils for pets are pure, potent, and clinical synthetic hemp oil. At CBD American Shaman, our products are always third-party laboratory tested to ensure that they meet strict, stringent potency and purity standards. Our oils are not extracted from hemp plants but rather are distilled and deodorized using non-toxic solvents. Our oils pass numerous fragrance and color tests and are made by using the most advanced analytical methodologies and technologies. We can offer you the highest quality CBD oils, pet grade, and all natural therapeutic supplements for your pets.

Cbd Oil For Pets

While many people are beginning to move away from conventional pharmaceuticals and towards all natural, therapeutic supplements, there remains an ever-growing market for CBD products for pets. With more pets being diagnosed with many different types of illnesses and conditions, including chronic pain and arthritis, as well as canine epilepsy and seizures, the need for safe and effective medical alternatives is also growing in popularity. Many studies have shown that the ingredients in natural CBD pet remedies can help your pet to reduce or eliminate their symptoms, including: joint pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, anxiety, hyperactivity, and much more. Our goal is to provide our pets with the highest-quality, highest purity, and clinical-grade CBD hemp oil and other therapeutic supplements that are available today.

Most veterinarians will recommend the use of CBD pet products, especially if they’re consistent with lab results. When lab rats were fed a high CBD diet, it prevented them from experiencing common side effects associated with chemotherapy, like vomiting, weakness, and diarrhea. In humans, CBD can also suppress seizures and improve mood and appetite. In a famous study, children who had severe childhood epilepsy were given CBD; results showed that these children no longer had frequent seizures. It is believed that the reason for this treatment success is because CBD reduces the amount of glucose in the body and allows cells to use insulin more efficiently.

Other recent studies have shown that humans, too, benefit from using this plant extract to treat various ailments. These include mood swings, depression, lack of appetite, and arthritis, obesity, and other serious health issues. Many of these conditions are worsened by current drugs, which contain synthetic chemicals. People want to find all natural, healthy solutions for their pets, such as those based on CBD, and for good reason.

In the United States, doctors have approved the use of cannabis extracts for some serious conditions, but it’s illegal to sell pet products containing any amount of cannabis. Unfortunately, most people don’t even know that their pet is receiving cannabis. This makes it extremely important for pet owners to become familiar with the medicinal properties of CBD and other cannabis-based products. The best way to do that is through CBD pet products. Not only will you be providing your pet with healthier skin and a more comfortable atmosphere, you’ll also be protecting them from dangerous pharmaceutical side effects.

Some U.S. states have banned the use of cannabis altogether, but many municipalities are fighting hard to maintain these bans. Only recently have veterinarians begun to recommend CBD for pets. If you have ever heard of veterinarians advocating for this type of treatment, you may be surprised to learn that they are not always in favor of it. Some veterinarians have discovered that some of the side effects of cannabis, such as an altered state of consciousness, vomiting, nausea, and seizures, are similar to the symptoms experienced by patients using the drug. Even if a veterinarian does not feel that using this particular treatment is right for your pet, they can still share their opinions with you.