How To Take CBD Oil By Using A Nasal Dropper

When it comes to how to take CBD oils, you’ve got no shortage of choice. From topicals and tinctures to gels and smoothies, there’s an enormous amount of choice out there. Stumped where to begin? That’s where coming in. We’ll examine some of the top options to help you make your choice.

How To Take Cbd Oil

Topical: Topical means to apply directly to the skin or the mucous membranes. Topical products which contain CBD can be applied right onto the affected area. The most popular method is to use a tincture, which is a concentrated extract that can be poured directly onto the tongue. In theory, this is a very effective way to consume the plant material because your tongue is already more exposed to the oil. Some tincture flavors include ginger, anise, orange blossom and lemon balm.

Oral: Oral tinctures, or oral extracts in general, are taken by either taking a pill or by crushing the leaves in a bottle. An oral pill is most commonly taken once per day. The active ingredient in most oral pills is CBD, along with other natural substances including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and trace elements. Taking them daily is not recommended because the CBD is not absorbed through the lining of the mouth. If you want to consume CBD, swallow it uncolored, ground up in a blender or a food processor, or chew the dried herb in the morning on an empty stomach.

Vaping: If you don’t want to drink CBD oil but still want to relieve symptoms, then you may consider vaporizing it. This is done by heating a special liquid made from CBD, or any other botanical, flower or spice that you prefer, to the point where it becomes steam. When the liquid passes over your tongue, the heat activates the oil. At this point, the oil is considered pure and the only thing you need to do is to hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. The moment the steam disappears, your dosage is complete. It is best to use a vaporizer that produces a smaller dosage because if you take oil orally, the vaporizer has to be used several times each day.

Dropper: With a dropper, a liquid substance is placed into a small bag, sealed with a silicone ring. With the dropper, the tablet or capsule is rubbed into the mouth using your tongue to massage the area. Once the medication is rubbed in, hold it for a few seconds and then release it slowly into your mouth. If you are new to taking CBD, you may want to use the dropper several times a day until you get comfortable with it. As you become accustomed to the procedure, it can be done more quickly and less frequently but as with the vaporizer, you should make sure to always use a double dose and hold the dropper on your tongue for the appropriate amount of time.

Balm: To make a balm, a teaspoonful of flower balm or lavender oil is poured into a clean glass jar with a small amount of purified water. Next, crushed aspirin or a small amount of baking soda are added to the mixture. To make a better balm, less balm should be used and you should not add too much water or aspirin or baking soda. Holding the balm to your tongue and then gently blowing warm air through it will create a custom-designed delivery system for the CBD drops.