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For those who have visited the famous Pearl Sze area in Macau, it is easy to forget that there is no rain in sight. But this small but extraordinary village does not mean that you have to be caught up in the same conditions. A Fei couldn’t help being overjoyed at first: the smell of the ocean water, the sight of the sky and the warm breeze, the delicious sensation of the cactus leaf. He raised his arms, ran his hands in a circular pattern and said thoughtfully, “Chill out, Fei, I can’t find a way out of here.”

Charlottes Web Cbd Oil

It was at that moment that the strange circumstances took place. Hearing a commotion outside, Fei’s stomach began to growl. Thinking it was just one of his dogs, he picked up his backpack and entered the house. Seeing that it was not one of his dogs, but a woman in her late thirties, the woman suddenly felt very apprehensive. Looking at her face, Fei was surprised to see that she looked rather pale and tired. However, the woman did not appear to be ill, but rather extremely tired.

Looking past her fatigue, the woman noticed that the skin on her face was pale, as though she had not gone to the doctor for a few days. On the wall in her study were paintings of her favorite Western artists. She also noticed that there was a Western-style bed on the second floor with a white silk duvet on top. It was interesting to Fei that the paintings were all done in large, attention-grabbing fonts. He wondered how someone could sleep with such neatness on their skin.

After making his way through the living room, Fei found the open drawer of the dresser. Looking down, he saw a thick book entitled “Charlottes Web Cbd Oils”. Examining the cover, he saw a familiar translation that had never occurred to him before: “Charlottes Web Cbd Oils – A Selection of High-grade Chinese Wood Fragrances” by Fu Yingjie.

Turning back to his desk, Fei noted down the names of the products on the labels. The first brand name was “Zhou Siu”. Next to it was a picture of a Chinese elm flower. The next item on the list was “fan chou” or “little green fan”. To the puzzled Fei, who had no idea what either of these things meant, he realized that both of them were named after the famous TV show called “call for filing troops”.

He studied the names of the products for a few more minutes before leaving his study. Upon returning home, Fei already knew what he wanted. He picked up the phone and dialed Fu Yingjie’s number. Hearing the familiar accent of his native Chinese accent, he felt very at ease talking to this mysterious stranger. Within two days, Fei had bought Fu Yingjie’s” Charlottes Web Cbd Oil” and was very satisfied.