Are CBD Oils For Pets the Future of Endocannabinoid System Therapy?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil for pets is the latest product that’s been gaining a great deal of interest lately. Cannabidiol is in its developmental peak of medical exploration and research currently is in its peak of anticipation. There are many health benefits reported by those who have tried using this herbal supplement for pets.

Cbd Oil For Pets

Many people wonder what is CBD oil for pets? Basically, cannabidiol is derived from cannabis, which is what marijuana is named. The molecular formula for this substance is CBD with ten distinct acids that are all individually different. This unique mixture of acids is what makes it have such extraordinary healing and therapeutic properties, so much so that hundreds of thousands of people have reported positive results with it.

When looking at the amount of CBD found in these oils, it’s important to remember that this substance is actually less potent than THC. Although it is nearly two times as potent, it does not possess the same high degree of THC. With a lower amount of THC, cannabidiol has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier, where it may act more aggressively towards tumors, which may cause an increase in tumors. As a result of being able to cross the blood brain barrier, the potency of this oil increases as well. With an increased potency, there is also an increased amount of CBD as well, which helps it to act more aggressively towards the tumor cells. In lab tests with animals, this has been shown to be effective in reducing tumor growth.

Another benefit that can be had through these oils is the ability to reduce the number of seizures, the most common side effects from a seizure. By reducing the number of seizures and the amount of anxiety that your pet may experience, many pets are able to live more enjoyable and relaxed lives. This is beneficial for both you and your pet. Not only does this provide relief from some of their common symptoms, but it also provides additional protection against other side effects, such as those related to certain medications.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why CBD is becoming more popular for a variety of conditions. The lab studies that have been performed have shown that the anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and anti-tumor properties of this compound are very effective. With continued research, new compounds are being developed for these properties, allowing for even greater improvements. With that in mind, the Cannabidiol that we use on a daily basis for our pets is just one of many.

So what types of conditions are pets best treated with these natural extracts? It seems that the answer is going to continue to change as researchers delve deeper into the body’s complex makeup. However, most people agree that age is the biggest determining factor when it comes to health problems that affect humans. Therefore, it makes sense that using these kinds of oils comes into play at that age. The longer you can postpone the effects of these diseases, the better off your pet will be.