A Positive Drug Test For Marijuana Can Result In a CBD Oil Drug Test

Cbd Oil Drug Test

A Positive Drug Test For Marijuana Can Result In a CBD Oil Drug Test

Testing for the presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG hormone can result in a positive drug test for marijuana. Anyone who has heard about HCG is bound to link the compound to the marijuana Sativa plant. A positive test for HCG does not necessarily mean that the person is smoking marijuana. It can also occur if the individual is taking a medicine that contains the HCG hormone such as Depo-Provera or birth control pills. It can also be a result of taking a synthetic form of HCG such as HCG injections or pills, which are available over-the-counter.

The United States government considers cannabis to be a Schedule I narcotic, which means that it has high potential for abuse and a lack of medicinal value. Any person who has used or is currently using any form of marijuana and is in need of medical care is strongly encouraged to talk to their doctor before beginning any treatment or medication.

The use of cannabis has been linked to the production of human growth hormone and there is some evidence that this may be true. A negative drug test for HCG can indicate that an individual is abusing marijuana and should be tested by a reputable laboratory.

Because the human growth hormone is a natural body hormone, it cannot be legally tested by most laboratories due to its controlled nature. Many labs will test for the presence of certain compounds that are found naturally in human blood and urine as well as the level of this substance.

The levels of human growth hormone and other hormones are constantly fluctuating between individuals and over time may become too low. In some cases, this may result in the appearance of pituitary tumor that can lead to diabetes, heart failure, kidney damage, or even death. If an individual is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is best to speak to his or her doctor immediately.

The use of marijuana and other drugs that contain the human growth hormone may be dangerous. Anytime an individual is given marijuana or other drugs that contain the substance, it is important to discuss the consequences with a health care provider. As with all types of health issues, it is best to first discuss the situation with your doctor before making any decisions about treatment.